ALERT: Please note, DOXO is not affiliated with the Village of Fredericktown for online bill payment.

The Village of Fredericktown is asking residents to be cautious when paying their water/sewer bills online to the Village because of an unauthorized third-party bill payment service popping up on the internet.

All residents are hereby advised that the bill paying services provided by DOXO are not endorsed by the Village of Fredericktown, nor can the Village accept any responsibility for transactions conducted through DOXO. While this service does list contact information for the Village of Fredericktown, the Village of Fredericktown has no contract or affiliation with this company. The website will ask users to “Pay your Village of Fredericktown bill”. DOXO will take payment from a resident and then write a check to the Village. That check might not arrive for 10-14 business days, which may lead to residents being charged late fees or penalties that may accrue. DOXO may charge additional fees as well.

The best and safest way for residents to pay their water/sewer bill is to do so through the Village’s website, These payments are secure and reflected on your account in real time.