The Village of Fredericktown voters authorized, by majority vote, the creation of an electric and gas aggregation program.  The current electric supplier is Energy Harbor. The current natural gas supplier is IGS Energy.  

If you are a resident or small business, you are eligible to participate in these programs.  These are Opt-out programs. When the village signs a new contract with the current supplier or another supplier, each resident will have the opportunity to Opt-out.  If the resident does not Opt-out during a specific period of time, the residents will be part of the Village’s electric or gas aggregation program for the duration of the contract.

These plans may be canceled by the resident at any time without penalty.

ELECTRICAs of May 2021 meter readings, the current rate from Energy Harbor, for the electric aggregation is $0.0479/kwh. This is a fixed rate and is good through your May 2024 meter read.

NATURAL GAS – From your December 2022 billing cycle through your March 2023 billing cycle, you will be billed at monthly variable rate that will be calculated by taking the applicable NYMEX final monthly settlement plus an adder of $0.15 per CCF, which provides a guaranteed $0.015 per CCF savings vs. the Columbia Gas Ohio (COH) Standard Choice Offer. COH is the default provider of gas supply services (in addition to its typical regulated distribution services) to customers who elect to not participate with a third-party supplier.  

From your April 2023 billing cycle through your November 2024 billing cycle, you will be billed at a fixed rate of $0.851 per CCF, plus applicable state and local taxes. Please refer to the “Price” section on the accompanying Terms and Conditions for full details of all pricing. 

To enroll, or if you have questions, please contact:

ELECTRIC – Energy Harbor – 1-866-636-3749

NATURAL GAS – IGS Energy at 1-877-353-0162