Q. I filed a report, and/or was involved in an Incident, How do I obtain a copy of the report?

A. You may obtain copies of reports by contacting the Department Lieutenant or Chief at 740-694-9222. There are a few exceptions to obtaining copies of reports if the investigation is still pending.

Q: What is curfew in the Village of Fredericktown for those under the age of 18?

A: The simple answer is 11:00 pm, however there are exceptions to this. Please click here to review codified ordinance 509.09 for a complete description on Fredericktown’s curfew.

Q: I was involved in an auto accident. Do I need a copy of the police report?

A: You are more than welcome to obtain a copy of the report and simply need to contact us to get one. However, this is something that is typically handled by your insurance company. We suggest that you notify your insurance company of the accident and they will typically handle the process from that point forward.

Q: I have property that is currently being held as evidence. How do I get that property back?

A: Once the case in question is completed, and all possible appeals have been exhausted, contact a Fredericktown Police Department evidence room manager to make an appointment to retrieve your property.

Q: My car was impounded, how do I get it back?

A: Vehicles are impounded for a variety of different reasons, therefore each situation will have a different set of requirements that must be met prior to your vehicle being released. Feel free to contact us to verify that all conditions have been met for the release of your vehicle.

Q: Where can I pay a parking ticket?

A: During normal business hours you can pay at the Fredericktown Municipal Building, 2 East Sandusky St. Fredericktown, Ohio 43019. There is also a drop box in the alley next to the Fredericktown Municipal Building where payment can be made at any time.

Q: What is a cop doing at our school?

A: The purpose of police officer at the school is not to “catch” students doing something wrong. It is to help create a safe and conducive learning environment for both students and staff.

Q: What does SRO stand for?

A: SRO stands for School Resource Officer.

Q: Are our schools so bad that we need an officer there?

A: No, the role of the School Resource Officer is not just law enforcement; it is to bridge the gap between police and the youth and to open the lines of communication.

Q: Why would an officer talk to my child?

A: The problem solving process is enhanced when mutual respect is shared between the youth and the police. Open conversations are the key to creating an atmosphere of trust.

Q: How can the Fredericktown local school and the community of Fredericktown benefit from a School Resource Officer?

A: Having an officer dedicated to the schools allows teachers, staff and students the opportunity to access a reliable resource concerning law enforcement and public safety issues on campus and in the community.

Q: What do you do when school is not in session?

A: During the summer I report to the Village of Fredericktown Police Dept. and return to my former position as a road patrolman for the day. You will also see me working security at school functions such as dances, concerts, and sporting events.

Q: Do SROs handle discipline in the schools?

A: No, SROs do not handle discipline issues. School Principals are responsible for making decisions concerning school disciplinary actions. SROs will sit in on parent/teacher conferences if requested. It is the SRO’s duty to handle the law enforcement issues and to maintain a safe and secure learning environment.