Streetscape Project Update

The Village staff had a meeting on October 19, 2023 with the Ohio Department of Transportation and Smith Paving to discuss construction plans for the Streetscape Project. We will do our best to keep residents and merchants apprised of progress on this project until it is finished. Below are some bullet points from the meeting.

  • The contractor has indicated that they will likely begin survey work in February and begin construction in March 2024.
  • Construction will likely begin at N. Main Street & Sandusky Street and will go north to Mill Street before crossing the street at Mill and going south, back to the Square (going in the same direction as traffic).
  • The contractor is confident that they will have construction substantially completed before the Tomato Show in early September 2024.
  • There will be no construction the week of the Tomato Show.
  • The contractor will make every effort to enable businesses to remain open throughout construction.
  • The deadline for total completion of the project is October 31, 2024.
  • This is primarily a federally funded project, administered through ODOT.
  • This is an ODOT project and thus, ODOT will be overseeing this project.

We know merchants and residents alike want this project to be completed quickly and smoothly and ODOT and Village Council want the project completed quickly and smoothly as well. The Village will work diligently to keep residents and merchants equally informed throughout this project. Thank you for your ongoing patience.