Project Name: Fredericktown 2025 Water Main Improvements

Owner: Village of Fredericktown (referred to as “Village” in this document)

Project Location: The project will span over more than three miles throughout the Village of Fredericktown.

Deadline to Submit: July 19, 2024, no later than 5:00 PM

Submittal Requirements: Firms responding must submit three (3) hard copies of the Statement of Qualifications to the Village Administrator.

Submission Location: Village Administrator

2 E. Sandusky Street

Fredericktown, OH 43019

Contact: Bruce Snell, Village Administrator


Project Description

The Village of Fredericktown’s water distribution system is well over 100 years old with a majority of the Village water-mains being four-inches in diameter, and even smaller in some cases. Many of these lines break on a regular basis (as recently as June 10, 2024), requiring the Village to utilize valuable resources to repair waterlines and creating health and safety issues, and requiring boil advisories to be issued to customers. This infrastructure improvement project will consist of replacing 18,150 feet of existing four-inch diameter primarily steel or iron water mains with new eight-inch diameter PVC water lines. Additionally, approximately 235 service lines and service valves will be replaced from the new mainline to the property right-of-way line. Also eighteen additional mainline valves will be installed to allow for greater operational abilities for the maintenance staff in the event of water-main breaks in the future, helping to minimize the impact of water main breaks on both the local residential and business communities. Finally, approximately twenty-five hydrants, which are built for four-inch supply lines, will be replaced with hydrants that are designed to be fed through six-inch supply lines. The preliminary cost estimate for the aforementioned construction and administration is $2,999,150.

Scope of Services

The Village is issuing a Request for Qualifications for design and engineering services related to the detailed design and preparation of construction documents, bidding and tabulating, and general construction administration required on the Fredericktown Water Improvements Project.


Project bidding, awards and construction will begin at the earliest date feasible, with actual construction anticipated to begin in the Spring 2025. Acceptance of proposals are subject to approval by the Fredericktown Village Council.

Project Funding

Funding for the Water Main Improvements is anticipated to come primarily through the federal and State funding sources.

Submit a Statement of Qualifications, not to exceed 10 pages, which must include the following information:

1. A brief description of your firm’s history, including the project manager, key personnel and any subconsultants. Include how long key personnel have been with your firm.

2. A description of recent similar water infrastructure projects completed by your firm.

3. Names and contact information for at least three client references and a description of the services provided to those clients.

4. Include a project approach outlining how your firm will complete this project. Project approach shall not exceed two pages in length and is in addition to the 10-page limit.

Selection Process

As required by State Law (ORC 153.65-71), firms responding to this request will be reviewed, evaluated, and ranked in order of qualifications. The Village will review submissions and select the firm it determines is most qualified, based on firm’s history working with a similar sized client on similar water infrastructure improvements; past performance and other history with previous clients; quality of work; ability to communicate; and ability to meet deadlines.