Press Release

The Village of Fredericktown has received written notification from the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) that the Village has been awarded two separate grants to cover the construction costs of two proposed public improvements. The first grant award was made possible with the passage of the Bipartisan Infrastructure LAW (BIL). Applicants requesting Transportation Alternative Funding (TAP) whose population was less than 5,000 residents were eligible for a new Carbon Reduction Program (CRP) funding. Considerable time and effort were spent reviewing each application for its transportation need, costs, and benefits to the local community. ODOT has selected the Fredericktown Safe Routes for Non-Drivers Project for funding in the Carbon Reduction Program. Guidance in the BIL states CRP provides 80% of the eligible costs in Federal funds. However, BIL guidelines allow CRP projects to be funded using 80% Federal CRP funding matched with 20% Federal Safety funding. The Fredericktown Safe Routes for Non-Drivers Project has been awarded $800,000 in Federal funds. This project entails installing up to a mile of new sidewalk throughout the community in an effort to get motorists and pedestrians alike to and from their destination safely, without pedestrians being forced to traverse on a heavily traveled state route itself. These funds will be available in State Fiscal Year 2027.

Secondly, ODOT recently informed the Village of Fredericktown that that the Village will indeed receive additional TAP funding for the State Route 95 Bridge Enhancements project. This fifty-something year-old bridge heavily traveled and serves as an overpass over State Route 13. In the past, ODOT has provided 80% of the eligible costs in Federal funds through the Transportation Alternatives Program. This year, ODOT is utilizing Toll Revenue Credit (TRC) and will provide 95% of the eligible costs in Federal funds, up to a maximum of $550,000 in Federal funds through the Transportation Alternative Program, in State Fiscal Year 2027. These proposed enhancements may include safety enhancements, such as lighting and new railing, and decorative lettering (‘WELCOME TO FREDERICKTOWN’) on the bridge, to name just a few components of the enhancement portion of the bridge improvements. ODOT will be performing significant structural improvements to the bridge, as well.  

The Village is currently partnering with ODOT on the completion of the TAP funded $1.7 million Downtown Streetscape project in downtown Fredericktown, and Mayor Day and Village Council are deeply appreciative of ODOT selecting these two projects for a combined $1.35 million in estimated new funding and we look forward to continuing this successful intergovernmental partnership with ODOT, as we begin the preliminary design and engineering work on these much needed additional public improvements.